HELLO WORLD!!! The other day I had the privilege to record with one of Philly’s FINEST… DILEMMA!!! My Homie Esteban hit me up one nite and put Dilemma on the phone and asked me if i wanted to get on this remix that he was doin’ for his boy Fitted. Last week, we took a trip out to Philly to lay it down. Here’s a video clip of the Making of “Step Out Remix”. Click Here for the clip.

Imma be honest and keep it trilly trill wit yall… I ain’t know who Dilemma was at all when they called. But after hearing the remix beat i was down. Then when we made the trip out, I found out that Dilemma works outta one of Philly’s Ledgendary Studios: Sigma Sounds! I walked into the studio and they had Jackson 5 gold plaques, Teddy Pendergrass, The Stylistics, & Lou Rawls TOO! All i could say is DAMN… And you want me to RAP! LMAO! All that aside, Dilemma’s all that his name is… A PROBLEM! Homie got BEATS! I WILL BE WORKIN’ WIT HIM MORE! BELIEVE THAT!





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